Save files into picture(PMT)

File Encryption Utilities


PMT 2.5 can save files into a BMP file which has 24 bits color or a JPG file. It won't make any difference to the quality of the picture. You can save your important files into a picture , and can set a user password or enabled dactylogram to protect the files in picture.You can open or run the files in the picture freely.Some files like *.tet *.rtf *.doc *.xls can be edited in the picture , to *.doc or *.xls, you must install office. You also can create directory in picture.Every file and directory has attributes,you can set them to confine other human to use it.The maximum size of a BMP file is 1600x1200x24bits ,however, 2M bytes room can be used in a JPG file. Or you can send such a picture(contained your files) to your friends.all other human only know it is a picture,but your friend that used Only PMT 2.5 .Of cause ,if this picture has a user password and set rights ,anyone confined to ues.If you enabled dactylogram then no one can open or see it even use PMT 2.5 .

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