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S7 Quicklogger is a software which is intuitive to operate and perfectly suited to quickly and simply read out data from the PLC and save the data. You can record data either time triggered or process triggered. S7 Quicklogger allows the mandatory storage of process data for quality assurance as well as for PLC debugging. The data is saved in a standard Access database and can be exported to Excel (xls file) with a push of a button. Technical highlights Very intuitive to use Logging of a wide variety of data and formats Data displayed live Database Manager included Data saved in standard Access Database Easy export to MS Excel Time-controlled logging possible Event-driven logging possible Acknowledgement to PLC possible after logging Supports S7-200(R), S7-300(R) and S7-400(R) PLCs Supports MPI, PPI and TCP/IP for PLC access Can be used with IBH Link (R)

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