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Unfortunately Word Docx file shown error message like ?The document name or path is not valid?, don't worried get Microsoft Word Recovery Tool is the excellent utility gives amazing solution for recover and repair damaged Word file when word file got error message like the file is corrupted and cannot be opened. In the repair process, software rectifies the errors and the cause of error so that it could easily remove errors from file. Every day or you can say that any point of time, you have to need a recovery solution to recover something. MS Word is the most famous application for an individual or professional. There are lots of reasons like easy and simple user interface, interactive features etc. Word Recovery can repair word document files, if the following error messages appeared and fail to open: 1. Document data corruption. 2. Document will not open and prompt you like "The document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions...". 3. Sudden System Shutdown and others. 4. Virus attacks; the document will not open or show no content. 5. MS Word program or machine abnormal shutdown or crash causes the corruption to the document. 6. Document will open but lost some content previously exists Software provides three mode of recovery to recover and repair Damaged Word File. 1. Quick Recovery Quick Recovery mode helps you to recover text, pictures, and charts & clip arts etc including original formatting from damaged Word Document. 2. Image Recovery Image Recovery mode helps you to recover or retrieve all images and pictures such as (gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp and tiff) from heavily damaged Word document files. 3. Salvage Recovery Salvage Recovery mode helps you to recover only text from heavily damaged Word document files. Software supports all version of Microsoft Word such as ms word 95/97/2000/XP/2003. When you get satisfied to our demo version, you can get the personal license key at just $45.


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