Paranoia Eradicator

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  • Developer: Márki Tamás
  • Home page:
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 155.91 KB
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Paranoia Eradicator is a simple, yet powerful multifunctional utility for Windows. It can be set up to eradicate (clean up) several predefined objects at startup, as well as user-defined folders. This is useful if you want to remove the traces of visited websites, clean up temporary directories, etc. Paranoia Eradicator also has the ability to activate the built-in restrictions of Internet Explorer, to speed up your cable modem, DSL or ordinary modem connections, set the maximum connections to HTTP servers, and manage programs and drivers executed at startup. You can even lock Paranoia Eradicator with a password so you can be the only one able to access these settings.

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