Notepad And 1/2

Text Editors H-P


Notepad And 1/2 is a small Windows text editor, much like Notepad. What makes it special is that it adds many features sorely missing from Notepad, but without useless extras so as to keep the program as small and fast as possible. Perfect as a quick jotting pad, without the drawbacks of Windows Notepad. While Notepad And 1/2 was initially designed as a simple text editor, it offers Rich Text Format support and basic text formatting options. Other handy features include: no file size limit, save window's size and position on exit, Find and Replace text, Favorite Files & Folders, Most Recently Used (MRU) file list, Always On Top option, Character/Word/Line Count, Convert Line Breaks to Wrap, Save Selection As, Append Selection To, Toolbar, Status Bar, and more. A detailed Online Help file is included. This program requires VB6 runtime files installed on the system.


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