Network and Dial-up Password Revealer

Password Management Utilities
  • Developer: Rixler Software
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  • License type: Commercial
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Network and Dial-Up Password Revealer is a simple but very necessary software application for network administrators, IT-specialists and regular home network users. Most networks use authentication and authorization to allow or deny access to the Internet, network or other computers. This means there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of logins and passwords a system administrator has to keep track of. What happens when these passwords get forgotten or lost? How can one recover his or her Dial-Up password or a network logon password? Network and Dial-Up Password Revealer provides an easy solution to this problem. As the program name implies, the program displays ("reveals") logins and passwords for LAN, Internet and network access (including modem connections, ISDN lines, virtual private networks). In addition, this software application provides users with information about network connection properties, such as connection names, types, phone numbers or IP-addresses. The program stores all this information handy and conveniently in one place. This data can be copied to clipboard or exported to a text file. Network and Dial-Up Password Revealer is also the only program that works for both "non-network" Windows (9x and ME) and "network" Windows (NT, 2000, XP).


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