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Ascendant Security provides network security software solutions to protect your network assets, secure sensitive data, and keep users on task. As its name implies, Network Enforcer is a network behavior enforcement tool. Network Enforcer monitors, responds to, and prevents unwanted behaviors from happening on your network in real-time. Network Enforcer allows you to prevent and protect your network from inappropriate behavior, and malicious activities in real-time, the instant they occur. If an action occurs on your network that you do not want to happen Network Enforcer can alert you immediately, or it can act on its own and block the action outright. Network Enforcer can monitor, filter, restrict, and respond to the following behaviors: Network Enforcer solves the problems that come with traditional user activity monitoring and logging software: Problem #1: The "needle in the haystack" - trying to find the "bad" in all the "good" activity logs. With Network Enforcer, you will never miss an unwanted behavior that has occurred on your network, while never having to sort through tons of log data to find them. You will never have to search countless logs for a few unwanted behaviors, and possibly overlook them in the process. You will never have to search for that "needle in the haystack" again when trying to find unwanted behaviors hiding within thousands of appropriate user behaviors that occur every day. Problem #2: Privacy invasion - logging everything users do, good or not. With Network Enforcer, you will not have to worry about violating your network users' privacy, as Network Enforcer only logs behavior filter violations and behaviors that you are concerned with.

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