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If you need to add page numbers in PDF pages and after that you want to manage the PDF pages according to the page numbers then once try PDF Bates Numberer software to manage the PDF pages in an order. Get PDF bates tool and see the results that you can easily put numbers in PDF files. Generally you Need to Add Numbers in PDF Pages or Need to Insert Watermark into PDF Files then you can use our PDF Document Stamping software. Our Software can Insert Watermark in PDF files, logos, labels, text and can easily ADD Numbers in PDF Pages in any location of PDF page. Some of the advance and useful features are here: software allows formatting of stamped text and Bates number with font size, font color etc, you can change alignment (top/bottom, left/right and middle) for the Bates number, dates and times can be done, you can easily place text, bates number, date and times in any required location using these alignment options, you can manage you all PDF files sequentially in any order using Move UP and Down option, software allows you to add multiple PDF files in one click to save your time and effort, and software does not require Adobe Acrobat Installed in the System. We allow users to take a trial tour of our software which is absolutely free of cost and for full access on the software then order full version at just $129 only.

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