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My Workout Trainer's Features: - My Workout Trainer allows you to keep track of your weightlifting and cardio workouts. - Choose from an extensive list of weightlifting and cardio exercises, or add your own custom exercises. - Print out a blank workout or cardio worksheet to take to the gym, and then enter your information when you are finished. - Analyze your workout data in graphs - Quickly and easily calculate your body fat percentage with a fat caliper, using Jackson and Pollock 3, 4, or 7-site method, Parillo method, or Durnim/Womersley method - Also works with a tape measure, using the standard Naval Health Research Center method - Can also be used with body fat scales - Record your tape measurements - Includes images and video so you will know how to take your caliper or tape measurements - Record your body tape measurements as you lose inches of body fat - Display pictures of yourself with your corresponding body measurements as you lose body fat so you can easily see your progress - Calculate your BMI and BMR - Record your blood pressure to maintain a healthy lifestyle - Trainers can keep track of an unlimited number of clients My Workout Trainer provides a detailed diagram and video showing exactly how to calculate your body fat percentage with a fat caliper or tape measure. Just click on the camera or video icon, and you will see a diagram or video showing the exact locations to measure with your body fat caliper. If you're using a tape measure, My Workout Trainer explains how to take those measurements. Even if you've never done it before, My Workout Trainer will explain how to accurately and easily calculate your own body fat percentage.

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