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MySQL Auto Backup is a Windows program to backups your data automatically from MySQL Database Server to SQL/PHP/CSV/XML/HTML/TEXT files or MySQL databases. The program can backups the data from remote server in the Internet to local computer or others remote server. Users can to RESTORE the backup data to the remote MySQL database server. MySQL Auto Backup has an easily customized task wizard, which allows you to create a new task for backup. The following regular tasks can be created by the task wizard: 1. Backup data to SQL/PHP files ( Connect to server directly via TCP/IP ) 2. Backup data to MySQL databases ( Connect to server directly via TCP/IP ) 3. Export data to CSV/XML/HTML/TEXT files ( Connect to server directly via TCP/IP ) 4. Execute SQL script ( Connect to server directly via TCP/IP ) Users can to customize the scheduler so that the program would automatically make the backup from the MySQL databases daily, weekly, monthly or a special date or time interval. After install the program, users can to allow it auto run on Windows start up. It will place a icon into the system tray after start up. It will work for the MySQL database backup automatically as an agent. Main features All MySQL data types supported. All MySQL character sets supported: UTF-8 and more. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 supported. MySQL 4.1 and up supported. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 supported. Use compression protocol and SSL protocol connect to MySQL server. Backup the MySQL databases remotely or locally. Backup/Export to 6 standard file formats: SQL, PHP, CSV, XML, HTML, TXT. Backup to MySQL databases. Powerful task scheduler. Execute SQL script automatically. Run manager for a single task. Powerful servers manager. Record log for every task and be able to view. Login safely via check username and password. Auto run on Windows startup.

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