MultiNetwork Manager

Access Control Utilities


MultiNetwork Manager is a software solution, which makes laptop roaming easy and secure. Instant connection to an unknown network is made easy through automatic detection of network settings and secure through automatic application of policies. The ability to store multiple location or situation specific settings into different profiles makes instant connections to known locations easy and secure. MultiNetwork Manager is targeted towards both home & business users and IT administrators & professionals. It has an intuitive user interface that makes your connection quickly and easily regardless of the access method you use – WLAN/LAN/ISDN/DSL/GPRS etc. MultiNetwork Manager helps you to create and save location specific profiles meaning that with only a click in the profile menu, your computer, applications and network connection settings are adapted to a specific location. MultiNetwork Manager provides you with: - Instant Internet connection, wireless or wired, and access to information independent of location. - Automatic location sensing that adapts your computer to a new known location allowing you to quickly switch between locations. - Enhanced security that protects your computer and ensures the privacy of your data when switching between networks. - File sharing of even large files simply and quickly whether PC-to-PC, or over the Internet.


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