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Mobile phone inspection program can show you the complete cell phone configuration information and generates as well as report of that information and SIM data in interactive text format. Detailed information can include phonebook, SMSs, manufacture, memory status, IMEI number, battery status, signal quality, mobile model etc. Investigation software comes with Microsoft VC++ source code that may be helpful for those specific developers whose area of employment lie in mobile based technologies such as AT+CPBR, AT+CPBS, AT+CBS, AT+CSQ, AT+CIMI, AT+CGSN, AT+CGMM, AT+CGMI and many more. Mobile forensic software with source code completely describes the use of various functions related to mobile phones software such as CeCreateProcess, CeCreateFile, CeReadFile, CeGetDeviceId, CeRapiInit, CeGetSystemInfo, CeGetStoreInformation, CeGetVersionEx, CeFindAllFiles, CeRegEnumKeyEx, CeRegOpenKeyEx, CeFindAllDatabase and various other functions too. Software can be valid for all leading mobile phone manufacturing brand names like Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung etc. Utility can also enrich skills for people who are studying Windows CE, WM5, WM6 and mobile based technologies. Software become the most suitable coding part for the organization those are working on VC++, MFC, ActiveSync, C++ builder, Delphi and embedded VC++ technologies. Mobile inspector tool is compatible with USB cable connectivity. Features: * Mobile phone information analyzer tool provides important details of cell phone. * Mobile inspector software can easily access your mobile phone with the help of port connectivity for gathering general as well as important information. * Mobile investigation tool is available with source code based on VC++ and MFC technologies.


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