Mightsoft Password 2000

Password Management Utilities


Password 2000 can help you organize and safely store your passwords. It can be quite difficult to remember not only your passwords but also your usernames. Even if you know both your username and password you still have to remember what they are for.You could avoid the trouble of remembering all of this information by using the same username and password all the time, but how safe would that be? Not very. If you have a large number of passwords to remember then what you need is a program that will safely save them for you. Password 2000 is designed to do just that. It uses encryption and password protection to protect your information from others.Having trouble thinking of a password? This program can generate passwords for you. Besides passwords you can store URLs, e-mail addresses and other notes. If you want the program to run out of the way you can reduce it to a small tool bar. You can copy passwords to the clipboard and paste them into the location they need to be entered.


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