Clipboard Management Tools


MemoClip is a virtual scratch pad that is always at your fingertips. If you have information to jot down quickly, just press hot key in any application to bring MemoClip up and start writing. These small pieces of text stored into the automatically saved collections. You can also make collection with personal information and fill web forms in a moment! If you found information in the Internet, just select text on the web page, press hot key and save it to the collection or to a file on the disk. In the same way you can quickly modify text case, remove line breaks, duplicated and trailing spaces of the selected text. Modified text will be pasted back into the application and will replace selected text. MemoClip saves last 5 text items sent to the Windows Clipboard. View the first few lines of each item in a small window, and simply press Enter to copy any item back to the Clipboard and paste it into the application. Filters added in version 1.2 lets you automatically store text copied to clipboard into specific collections. Predefined filter transfers all URLs copied from any window and all text copied from web browser into 'Internet Clips' collection. Another filter stored all copied text into the 'Clipboard History' collection.


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