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MemWatcher provides an accurate indication of your computer's memory usage, both physical RAM and page file. On Windows 95, 98 and ME, MemWatcher also displays your system's CPU and resource usage. MemWatcher's peak monitoring feature lets you determine the optimum amount of page file memory to reserve, thereby saving disk space without affecting system performance.A flexible alert mechanism draws your attention to situations of interest, e.g.: when free physical RAM falls below a certain value, or total memory usage exceeds a specific limit, etc.MemWatcher's AutoFree feature automatically frees memory no longer in use by Windows. This can speed up program startup. You can use MemWatcher to stress test your applications, by simulating low memory situations, making MemWatcher a useful development and QA tool. MemWatcher can run in a standard window or in the system tray, and is highly customizable. An unregistered copy of MemWatcher doesn't expire or contain disabled features.

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