Mouse and Keyboard Utilities


MaxType v2.0 is the most multifunctional keyboard trainer in the world. The program has special features which allow you to develop your typing skills from the basic level to a professional one in minimal time. In MaxType you will find all necessary instruments for developing correct technique and enhancing your typing speed. Innovative functional possibilities are included: * Only in MaxType you will find professional explanations and recommendations for each of 21 lessons! You will learn not only basics of correct typing technique but various ways and wits for bring up the speed even higher. * Only in MaxType exists a grading system which is easy to adjust. This makes it reflect your progress as precisely as no system before. * Only in MaxType there is a special learning time control system. You just set your learning time plan... and MaxType controls its completion! * Only in MaxType you will have a unique opportunity to view a record file of your own typing! You will be able to compare your skills of today and several days before. * Only in MaxType you will be able to improve your typing speed in a specially created mode of Extreme typing. You will compete not only with a virtual opponent but also with a record file of your own typing (replay speed can be easily adjusted)! * Only MaxType has an in-built personal tutor function. MaxType will recommend you the most optimal mode of learning based on your current level! * Only in MaxType you can find inbuilt library with great number of different typing exercises including articles, songs lyrics and even program source code on C++, Pascal, Assembler and Java languages. The Best way to learn touch-typing for professional programmers!


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