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Macros For Real People is a keyboard macro program that's loaded with features, full of power, and yet easy-to-use. Even new users will find that they can increase productivity and save time by making repetitive tasks quick and easy to accomplish. You can create macros by recording mouse movements and keystrokes. Macros can also be created and edited manually. Common tasks can be easily automated with just a few keystrokes and there are hundreds of possible macro hot keys available. Macros For Real People features program-specific and global macros and gives the user a variety of ways of launching macros. Each macro can also have a variable macro playback speed, which allows a macro to playback at the speed it was recorded at, slower or faster. Macros For Real People also has support for password-protected macros. With a secure macro only the user can edit, schedule, delete, and use such macros. There is also support for multiple macro files so users can have different collections of macros. This feature is also excellent for families or businesses so each user can have their own file of macros. The "Alpha Macro" function lets macros be assigned to an unlimited number of alphanumeric keys. This type of macro is excellent for use while typing and is particularly good for entering large bodies of text, addresses, and more. Macros For Real People can also launch your email program or send a prewritten automatic email message across the Internet. Macros For Real People allows for the creation of macro menus. Any existing macros can be selected and arranged into a pop-up macro menu. Every macro in the list can have a unique title, as can the menu itself. The macro menu can be activated with a hot key and macros can be run directly from the menu. This provides an excellent way to group macros together for easy access. It has "Live Update" technology so you always have the current version.

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