Macro Express 2000

Automation Utilities
  • Developer: Insight Software Solutions
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  • License type: Commercial
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With Macro Express, you can create 'global' macros that can be used in any Windows program. Or you can create 'program specific' or 'window specific' macros that can be used only with a particular program or window. You can create macros manually or use the Scripting Editor toview each command of your macro. Click on the command to make a change to it. Delete, copy or reorder your macro commands. You can also use the built in Command Wizard to prompt you for your desired macro Macro Express now incorporates over two dozen wizards to guide novices,as well as experts, through the process of creating macros.With dozens of new commands aimed at both the home and business user, even novice users will be able to take advantage of the powerful macro capabilities of MacroExpress. A simple keystroke or mouse click is all it takes to perform numerous mundane and time consuming tasks. commands. Record macros with Macro Express. Capture all your keyboard typing and mouse movements and clicks--ready for playback. Adjust your playback speed. Allow a macro to play back slower, faster or at the speed it was recorded at. Macros can be assigned to almost 700 different Hot Key combinations using the CTRL, ALT, SHIFT and WIN keys. Or assign the macro to a text string for literally millions of possible combinations. Or set your macro up to run on a specific timed schedule. The most flexible and easy to use macro program available! Automate all your common tasks. Automate E-mail responses, Fill out contest froms on the web, Launch websites and programs, insert special symbols such as ® £ ‰ ¢ ™ â ñ into programs with ease,run programs with your instructions unattended, maximize and minimize windows, shut down programs, and much more.

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