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Download the 100% FREE LocalCooling Application and automatically optimize your PC's power consumption. Join the LocalCooling project today and start fighting global warming from your desktop. From the Local Cooling Application you are directly presented with detailed information on how much power your PC is consuming based on a large database of hardware and in-depth research. By adjusting the power mode settings our advanced algorithms will predict how much you will save based on past PC usage and statistical data. Every time LocalCooling saves power by either turning of your screen, putting your hard drive to sleep when not used or shutting down your PC when you are away your savings stats will start to grow. Download LocalCooling today and optimize your PC's energy efficiency in minutes. Local Cooling will: - Cut your energy bills - Reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions as a direct result of your reduced PC power consumption - Give you full control over any power mode settings - Improve your overall computing experience and efficiency. - Show you in detail how much you have saved since installing the software.

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