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Linera Uninstall Manager - will help you to uninstall any application from your system very quickly. With the help of this utility, you can easily uninstall any number of useless programs and their traces automatically. As a matter of fact, most of the programs leave their folders and keys in the system registry behind themselves after uninstallation, which are of no use as a rule. L.U.M. detects and uninstalls them automatically. This utility also has the feature of search, folders and exclusions filtration. You can use masks in all filters. The main peculiarity of L.U.M. is an ability to execute a default filtration according to sections. The default filter can classify the programs into the following sections: 1. All programs. 2. Unused programs (those programs which are out of use for more than 30 days). 3. Recent (which have been installed within 3 days). 4. Large (the program size is more than 10 Mb). 5. Huge (more than 100 Mb). 6. Publishers (the list with all the creators of found programs). 7. Top list. There is also a dynamic filtration in this program. It means that you can create filters based on any characteristic you like. For example, you can list all programs, which contain the word Microsoft in their names, into one category. You can also classify programs according to any other feature.

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