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KeyboardAssist is a tool that allows you to easily bind keys or key combinations to specific actions, use your mouse buttons, assign several actions to a single hotkey, specify conditions for an action to take place and, of course, apply keyboard macros. You will forget about repetitive tasks and will be more productive. Not at last you will use more efficient the keyboard in a professional manner. Here are only some futures of KeyboardAssist: * simple and intuitive user interface * application is absolutely free up to five shortcuts * stop wasting your time on mouse movements searching for an application in a cascade of menus and folders * keep your desktop clean (photo of your dog looks better than 100 icons) * control computer sounds instantly from any app (somebody's calling? mute music!) * open favorite web pages with a single hotkey press * open your web mail with a single hotkey press * record keystrokes and play them back a specified number of times * make distinction between Alt+Ctrl and Ctrl+Alt, in this way a lot of shortcuts will be possible * ability to use any keys, including system keys: Win+D, Alt+Tab, etc. (except for Ctrl+Alt+Del, power buttons and the Tab key without modifiers)

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