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Gartner states that 30% of helpdesk queries are related to password resets management and account lockout. With JiJi Self Service Password Reset(JSSPR), end-users now have the ability to securely reset their own Active Directory passwords without having to involve highly technical helpdesk professionals. JSSPR lowers end-user downtime, end-users no longer have to wait for a member of the helpdesk staff to reset their forgotten password or lost password. It raises helpdesk efficiency, the staff now has more time to focus on other issues rather than tying up valuable resources on the time consuming task and mundane of resetting passwords. JSSPR can help your organization to reduce costs, improve security and increase productivity. Features: 1. Self password management portal for domain users. 2. Supports Password Reset/Unlock account/Change Password through web without the help desk. 3. Reduce critical password tickets. 4. Improve user productivity and reduce help desk work. 5. Administrator can view the history of actions/operations done by the users which will be helpful for tracking purpose. 6. User defined challenge questions verify the users identity eliminating the risk of fraudulent password reset requests. 7. Define any number of Secret questions/answers. You can have a look at http://www.jijitechnologies.com/product/self-service-reset-password-management/index.html

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