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Install Unattended is an ideal solution for the fast deployment of many programs for the PC. Our program gives you the chance to install the required package of programs in minutes. These programs can be installed on previous computers or on computers with new hardware. Install Unattended allows you to fully solve the fast recovery problem of a user system and guarantees precise operation reproduction and if needed its instantaneous reiteration. - Automatic program installation - Creation of disk with automatic installation - Remote program installation through the network - Automation of routine operations on a PC - Comprehensive solution for managing your programs: - Automatic program installation - Complete program removal - Saving the program settings Why Install Unattended? Reliability: Install Unattended will precisely check your actions, only faster and more effective. Effectiveness: Install Unattended is one of the most compact and usable methods of work automation. Usability means effectiveness. Price: Almeza offers very flexible price policy, which allows to cover great number of computers with minimal cost.

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