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Users change their platform from Macintosh to Windows as Easy Graphical user interface is first choice of computer's users. Import OLM file to Windows Outlook come to solve the query of many users that how to transfer Outlook 2011 Mac Mail. Importing .olm into Outlook 2007 is smooth with this tool. It Convert ALL the Emails and address of email clients from an OLM to a PST file. Import OLM file to Windows Outlook has many features in their NEW edition 4.3. The latest features are as follow as - 1) Easy to Use:- Import OLM file to Windows Outlook software is very easy for trained and untrained users. Anyone can operate the GUI interface of this product. 2) Minimal Data Lose:- Our software Importing .olm file into Outlook 2007 with the minimum data lose i.e. no harm to the original data during the conversion process. Data will found as same as it present in Mac OS. 3) Features Gallery:- Import OLM file to Windows Outlook is called as features gallery because it has a quality to manage the group of different contacts and have a filter that will filter all the Emails and address book according to the specific date. 4) Affordable cost:-Export from an OLM to a PST file give free visit of the software but this will convert only 50 Emails and if the users want full fledged version of software then it is available at a reasonable cost is 129 USD (Single). For further detail and Technical help to operate the software users can follow the Link -

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