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HideWizard is a powerful tool for hiding not only application and browser windows, but also just about any process or file. A variety of settings allow you to specify how and when programs get hidden, to custom-automate the HideWizard process, to add transparency effects, to mute sounds, and much more! Key Features: 1.Hide programs automatically upon startup without any obvious traces. 2.Hide windows and programs quickly via mouse or keyboard hotkeys. 3.If you set HideWizard to start automatically with Windows, it will do so before any other autostart program. 4.Hide any process or file. 5.When a program is hidden by HideWizard, it can only be shown again via HideWizard, even if you restart the program. 6.Muting all sounds. 7.Password verification. 8.Apply transparency effects to any window. 9.Switching quickly between default and virtual desktops. 10.Quickly lock the screen.


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