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How can you permanently wipe or cleanup secret data, official documents, system files, unused space from hard disk or other storage media? Hard drive files sanitation software completely wipes unused or used space from hard disk and USB media. Drives cleanup tool can easy delete all system files including Windows event log, network folders, clipboard contents etc. USB mini hard disk cleaner software provides support to all types of external storage media including pen drive, memory card, multimedia card, smart media, USB drive, hard disk drive, removable drive and other similar devices. Disk data sanitization application erases or wipes internet activities including cookies, e-mail, news, history, temporary internet files, chat messenger conversation etc. Laptop hard disk data wiper software does not require any special technical skill to operate the data wiper software. Storage media cleaner utility deletes sensitive information and secret files. Hard drives data sanitization application provides you in-built help manual for user assistance. Disk eraser tool is easily works on all Microsoft Windows operating system including Windows Vista, XP, NT, ME, 2000, 2003, 98 etc. Removable hard disk cleaner software provides highly interactive graphical user interface for easy and permanent data wipe from hard disk or other removable storage media. Notebook files wiper application is easy, secure and cost effective tool to every user who wants to cleanup permanently hard disk and other USB media files. Features: * External hard drives cleaner tool supports both destructive and non-destructive wiping mode for maintaining computer privacy. * File sanitization application permanently wipes or cleanup unused or used disk space. * Disk cleanup software completely deletes or erases system files, administrator files, temporary files and internet files from hard disk. * Storage media cleaner utility removes your personal and official documents securely.


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