HTML, TXT - Analyzer

Misc Utilities


The Program allows the creation of databases utilizing HTML or other files. For example, if you have an HTML file containing stock market share quotations, our Program may be utilized to extract particular information you desire and present that information in a format you design. The program will analyze and search for the desired data in the HTML, text, or other file you have chosen. Our Program will then help you convert the unstructured file into a text file in the format designed by you, so that the resultant information may be conveniently further processed. The resulting text file then may be further manipulated in Microsoft Excel or other similar programs, in order to convert the extracted information into a workable database. As another example, suppose you have files containing the typed addresses of potential clients, which addresses can be in practically any order. Our Program will analyze your files and will greatly aid you to create from them the database you desire. Finally, you can then import these database files into your email program in order to deliver highly targeted, and personalized, email. As you will read below, our Program is very easy to use. We have done our best to make the software 'user friendly' and assist you in the often tedious job of database creation. We've done this with the objective of saving you, our client, your most valuable asset -- your time.


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