Access Control Utilities


This program is designed to speed up the researching of items in a HijackThis log once it has been posted onto a forum or from a log file. It will run in the system tray and when a hotkey/shortcut key is pressed, it will copy the word that has been selected and automatically search for that word on Google or sysinfo.org depending on the hotkey that is pressed. 1) Select the word in the HijackThis log 2) Press one of the following Hotkeys- Ctrl + g will search for the selected item at Google (search engine) Ctrl + b will searched for the item in sysinfo.org's BHO (Browser Helper Object) database Ctrl + s will search for the start up item in sysinfo.org's startup list Ctrl + z will close the current "Active" Internet Explorer widow Ctrl + n will run notepad Ctrl + a will search for a process at answersthatwork.com A new window will open with the search results in. This can save alot of time when searching through HijackThis logs.


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