GreenBorder Pro

Anti-Virus Utilities


GreenBorder Pro keeps you safe from identity thieves and criminals by making your PC, files and personal information invisible to any Web-based threat. You can safely go to any site, click any link, view or download any content and run any Internet program. It also protects you from identity theft by securing your credit card and bank information while shopping or banking online. GreenBorder creates an impenetrable protective barrier that keeps all interactions with the web away from your PC. This set & forget protection is always current and doesn't require any updates. It prevents malicious code from silently installing or seeing your files and PC resources--even new sophisticated attacks that are undetectable. You are automatically protected whether at home, at a public WiFi hotspot, or on the road. The SafeFiles option extends the protection to any file received via email, IM and USB sticks. A perfect solution for safely exchanging files with strangers. With GreenBorder Pro, -- Go to any website! criminals can't see inside your PC or touch your files. -- Prevent identity thieves from spying when you enter and view personal info online. -- Use files and content from the Web, email, IM and USB disks without worry. -- Keep your PC clean & fast -- prevent "build up" that accumulates from Internet usage. GreenBorder Pro keeps you protected and your PC clean at hotspots, at home, on the road. And, it doesn't use signatures, so it's always up to date! Buy Now and SAVE over 50% on our GreenBorder Pro with SafeFiles value bundle -- Your price today for a single user license starts at just $29.95! If you are still not sure, download today and get a FREE 30 Day Trial!


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