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teXtreme is tray-based utilities that allows the individual to use consistent, intuitive commands to effect most of the standard changes (forexample, find and replace phrases within a document or saved text clip insert) typically required in their working documents - regardless of which text editor is being used at the time. Any individual or business who find themselves using two or more text editors during a busy day, and who are frustrated with having to use different 'rules' for each editor needs teXtreme. We encourage you to try teXtreme for free! While easily understood through use; it is difficult to describe. To use teXtreme select text in your text editor and press hot key to call main window that contains:- Replace: replace text in selected fragment in any text editor- QReplace: replace text by list of saved frequently used replace parameters- History: clipboard history- Collection: text clips collection- Change Case: quick Change Case in selected fragment- Char Map: insert any char into your text- Plug Ins: any additional text processingChoose operation then press OK and selected text in your editor will be processed!

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