Folder Guard

File Encryption Utilities


Folder Guard is a true 4295098368bit encryption program offering 2^4295098368(I cannot work that out because my calculator doesn't support that many digits!) possible passwords. No other encryption method gets anywhere close to this ammount due to large file sizes normally associated with higher level security encryption algorythms, a problem which we have managed to solve. In addition to this, the program itself does not know the password removing any possibility for cracking the encoding folder with any of the following methods: Using an application to quickly keep trying passwords until one gets through Decompile folder guard to determine where the password is stored(the password cannot be forcibly removed from the file - try it and see) Accessing the RAM to determine what the password is The only possible way to crack the encoded file is to try every possible password (decrypting it [this could take a few minutes each time] and viewing the contents each time) until the corrent password is found(this cannot be done with a program because of no "Incorrect password" message box as folder guard doesn't know if your password is correct and simply tries to use the password). Due to the high level encryption methods, this could literally take well over several trillion years to crack and we are satisfied that that is enough security. In addition to this, this application can also delete the files after encoding in such a way that it is no longer stored on the drive.


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