Password Management Utilities
  • Developer: Nagareshwar
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FireMaster is the first ever built tool to recover the lost master password in Firefox. Master password is used by Firefox to protect the stored sign-on information for all visited websites. If the master password is forgotten, then there is no way to recover the master password and user will lose all the sign-on information stored in it. However user can now use FireMaster to get back all their stored credentials. FireMaster uses combination of state of art techniques such as dictionary, hybrid and brute force to recover the master password from the Firefox key database file. Now it also supports patten based password recovery mechanism which significantly reduces the time taken to recover the password. FireMaster is successfully tested with all versions of Firefox starting from 1.0 to latest version 3.6. It works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system, Windows 7.


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