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Fileaze Lite, the stripped-down version of the shareware Fileaze, is an automation tool for batch file tasks allowing you to execute sequences of operations on a collection of files and folders. Fileaze Lite can batch-copy, move, rename, delete, change attributes and dates. It supports text replacement, Regular Expressions in pattern matching to help you fine-tune your file selection and parameterized execution through a set of predefined constants that are evalutated and substituted at run-time. Fileaze Lite lets you select files from multiple locations within a single job so you can easily automate complex and tedious manual tasks by turning them into smart jobs. By combining all these features you can create batch jobs from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Fileaze can become a backup tool or a batch renamer or you can turn it into an automatic digital photo downloader that creates date-based folders for smart photo organization. Or anything else you fancy!

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