FileQuest XP Gold

Explorer Replacements


This fine Explorer replacement does everything in a very familiar interface, and brings a lot of additional powerful tools to your table. FileQuest XP Gold is very easy to use, packed full of features and has something to offer for everyone. It is user friendly and easy to fit to your particular needs. With FileQuest XP Gold you can manage files and folders effectively and easily. You can display up to 15 windows at the same time and add favorite utilities and tools to the main menu for quick access. With FileQuest XP Gold you can easily create virtual folders to find particular types of files by employing filters. FileQuest XP Gold includes all the features of FileQuest XP + many new features such as: FTP, Printing and print preview of folders, Synchronizing, Preview files, Export/Import your setting for backup, Tools tips for files, Easy viewing of folder sizes, Enhanced search engine, File descriptions, and many more! Users of FileQuest XP Gold also receive 'FastOpen XP Pro' for free. FileQuest XP Gold is a Microsoft 'Best Choice Shareware' awarded File Manager. Download your FREE 50 day trial today!

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