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What is Earguitar? Ear guitar is a melody generator for ear training purposes that generates random melodies based on user defined criteria. You choose which notes you want to practice playing by ear. It is excellent note recognition practice for musicians wishing to improve their ability to play by ear. Whom is Earguitar designed for? Guitarists, any other musicians and singers, who wish to improve their relative pitch recognition, singing, and ability to play by ear. How much does it cost? This is a trial version of Earguitar which is free for download. Users are encouraged to email comments. What are the system requirements? Ear guitar should work on any Pentium computer with Windows and a sound card. How do I use Earguitar? Select the scale mode you wish to practice, then adjust the range of notes in the scale, the length and speed of the melody generated and the length of pause before the next random melody starts. You can also adjust the key, octave range, volume, and choose whether the first note generated is the scale root. There is a repeat option, which shows the names of the notes generated on the repeated melody. In addition, a tuner for guitarists is provided. How do I install Earguitar? Earguitar is a stand alone Flash projector file and needs no installation. Simply right click the link below and select save as to save to your hardrive. Then double click the eargtar.exe file to run.


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