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Recover VMware VMFS disks in full auto mode! VmfsRecovery offers a safe, reliable way to recover information stored on VMware disks formatted with the VMFS file system. Supporting desktop and server versions of VMware including vSphere 5 and ESX Server, VmfsRecovery is a must-have tool for all virtualizing users. VMware disks can get corrupted just like any other storage. Bad blocks and failed RAID arrays are two of the more common reasons for VMFS corruption. The situation gets extremely sensitive if a large cluster of VMware virtual PCs is stored on a RAID array and controlled by VMware ESX Server, and the RAID array crashes or a RAID controller fails. VmfsRecovery will help you easily recover VMDK virtual PC images from VMFS partitions stored on healthy and damaged hard drives and all types of RAID arrays including JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 1E, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 5R, 0+1 and 1+0. Most types of dedicated and integrated RAID controllers are supported. In addition, VmfsRecovery will re-assemble and recover a failed RAID array even if the original RAID controller has failed or is no longer available. VmfsRecovery offers quick recovery for simple cases as well as the full recovery mode for complex ones. Either way, the tool offers easy, fully automated operation. VMFS partitions of up to 64 TB containing more than 100,000 files are supported. Recovering images of virtual PCs running in an ESX server is an easy two-step process. As a first step, VmfsRecovery will repair the corrupted ESX/ESXi storage, providing access to individual VMDK images these partitions hold. After that, each of the VMDK disks is extracted, and you can proceed with a standard data recovery process.

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