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DUI is an Advanced Game Launcher and User Interface for Duke Nukem 3D. In addition to providing a GUI for loading of user maps, it allows quick launching of Demo Files, Saved games and Custom Group Files through an Explorer type File Browser as well as allowing Duke Nukem Options and settings to be set through an Options Page. DUI Supports two popular addons that allow Duke Nukem to run under Windows 2000 and XP. DUI is Released containing two Different Modes: `Lite` and Professional. DUI `Lite` is a free Version that is installed by default. DUI Professional is the commercial.Licensd Version and once enabled, unlocks more features and functions. DUI Professional may be purchased from the Kompute Software website. After the confirmation of Order has been recieved, a License number will be Issued which can be Entered into the Registration page of DUI which will Immediately Activate the Professional Features


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