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Thank you for choosing DSM™, one of the top tools developed by Smart-X Software Solutions expert team in an effort to optimize your everyday work. Core Configurator helps you manage your system efficiently, effortlessly and productively. Need to extend the 'Hide / Disable' drives feature in group policy to include drive Using computer images for OS deployment? Technicians forgot to run SYSPREP / NEWSID? You probably have hundreds of duplicate SID computers in your network! Duplicate SID computers is a major security risk and additionally might cause all kind of issues when working with third party products such as Anti Virus, Deployment systems and other system products. Duplicate SID Monitor (DSM) is a revolutionary product which constantly monitors your network to find computers with duplicate SIDs. The information is stored locally and enables administrators to query for duplicate SID computers and resolve it remotely by a single click. ♦ Easily repair problems caused by years of incorrect deployment procedures. ♦ Tighten security and fix one of the most common security threats in enterprise networks. ♦ Instantly get a real view of duplicate SID computer on your network. ♦ Easily distribute new SIDs to remote computers with a single click.

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