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Affordable file salvage softwaresupports lots of file formats for data recovery process including mp3, mp4, midi, mov, jpeg, png, bmp etc. Free Pen drive recovery softwarehelps you to regain all those files lost due to deletion, formatted and reformatted media, virus infection, hardware error,human errorand power failure. Free file salvage softwaresupports multiple brands of pen drive storage media such as FujiFilm, Samsung, Transcend, SimpleTech, Olympus and many more. Professional data salvage utilityhas easy to use graphical user interface which provide you easy working and better understanding of software. Commercial file retrieval applicationhas read only utility helps to perform restoration process without modifying other existing file and folders. Free data recovery softwaregets back lost you valuable and priceless photographs like award winning photos, wedding video, important deal documents and many other important data just in very short processing time.DDR Recovery Pen Drive softwareeasily runs on Windows operating system including Vista, 2000, 2003, 7, XP, ME, CE and NT. DDR Recovery Pen Drive programis effectively used by non-technicaluser as it does not require any specified knowledge or skills to operate it. Effective file rescue tool is highly used in many sectors like school, colleges and even home due to its easy working. Software features: * Pen drive recovery softwarehas ability to easily and effectively retrieve damaged any type of files like png, jpeg, mov, midi, mp3 etc. * Free files salvage software rescues lost music files, audio, video clips, text and many office files in very easiest way. * DDR Recovery Pen Drive applicationis highly compatible with wide ranges of pen drive manufactures. * Free files salvage software is available at affordable price thus easily used by variety of users.

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