Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor

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Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor is an easy to use application that monitors the activity of all printers connected to a machine. Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor has been developed to help managers and system administrators better assess and control the printing costs and needs, with the aim of reducing the total cost of printing. The application monitors all jobs performed by the monitored printers, all users that use them, the name of the printed document, the number of printed pages and a total cost for each printing. The application has an easy to use web interface that allows the administrators to access the reports form the LAN or to configure it to have the statistics emailed. Features: Monitor all printers connected to a computer Record print job details including user, document name, number of pages, date and time when the job occurred Monitor cost of each printing job Provides reports on printers and users Provides aggregated period statistics for users and printers Easy to use web interface


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