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Have you ever selected a group of files and folders in the Windows Explorer and tried to copy them to a floppy diskette only to find out after many of the files have been copied that there isn't enough room on the disk? Have you ever needed to copy a single program or document to a floppy to take home from work and discovered that it's too big for a singlediskette? If so, CopyGenie is for you. CopyGenie improves copying and moving files by allowing you to span files over several diskettes or split large files onto several disks. CopyGenie also provides other benefits including the capability of removing all files and folders from a diskette before copying, restarting a failed copy operation and copying only files that have changed. Best of all, you don't have to learn anything to use CopyGenie. CopyGenieintegrates with the Windows Explorer so if you use drag-and-drop to copy files or if you prefer using the keyboard to move files around, CopyGenie will be there for you.

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