Clipboard Management Tools
  • Developer: Fred Kimmel
  • Home page:
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 2.02 MB
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A convenient enhancement for your windows clipboard. With ClipItEasy you can work easily with up to 10 clipboard entries. Store your text with just one click, and get it in the same simple way. Use it with any text editor, database software, web-browser (when working with a web-browser, you can copy any text from a web-page and then easily store it just with a click) etc. You can save all your 10 entries at once in a *.cty (ClipItEasy Document) file and get them later by clicking on that file. ClipItEasy has different layout views (to meet your needs in working with different programs) ClipItEasy stays always on top of other programs (if you wish so) and you can hide it in your system tray.


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