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CdCoverCreator is a powerful tool to easily create audio CD covers, inlays, labels and booklets. Design time for your covers is as short as possible. The track lengths are read from the audio CD, titles can be retrieved via CDDB from the internet. For your own compilations use Match&Merge to gather the track titles from the original CDs. Use color gradients or images as backgrounds together with transparent textures. CdCoverCreator offers you an integrated search engine for CD covers on the internet. (Please note that the use of covers of CDs you do not possess is illegal.) A special feature of CdCoverCreator: create your own CD booklets, e.g. with song lyrics that can be downloaded with the integrated Lyrics Browser. Style templates define the basic layout of a cover, which, however, can be adjusted to your needs. CdCoverCreator ships with a couple of pre-defined style templates, and of course CdCoverCreator allows you to create your own ones. Plenty of label and cover formats are supported. The measures can easily be adjusted.


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