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Many people dislike opening a big, bulky application, such as Microsoft Word, every time spell check is needed on something being written or edited. Most people would prefer a program that will open quickly and be easy to use, without sacrificing all the powerful features. This program is the result.Check-It is a fast, powerful, configurable, and very intuitive stand-alone spell checker, grammar checker, and thesaurus with many more features than comparable products. You can do a normal check, batch-mode, quick check, or even check text in other applications. Advanced grammar and syntax checking is ideal for proofing and document correction. A complete 80,000+ entry Thesaurus module is also present in which you can check any word (Noun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, etc.) in your current document or a new word in a separate window. The normal spell check brings up a window that displays the misspelled word, suggestions, and the document context. With the document being displayed in the spell check window, you don't have to worry about the window getting in your way. When the check is complete, you have the option of 'updating the displayed document'. The changes are not permanent until you click 'Save File', which gives you two chances to change your mind. You can also spell check text directly from the clipboard. This is useful when dealing with other applications, eliminating the paste step. Real-time mode displays mistakes as you type. This is very useful if you prefer to see and correct mistakes as you are writing or to look back afterwards and make corrections. Simply right-click on any misspelled word for suggestions for the correct spelling as well as options to add the word to your custom dictionary and ignore all instances or that word. The Batch mode displays a lists of 'misspelled words'. You can double-click on any word and advance to that section of the document for editing. The quick check module provides a fast, easy, and convenient way to check spelling. You can also minimize the application to the system tray for very convenient access to quick check, thesaurus, and more.You can minimize the application to the system tray for very convenient access. There are several options you can choose from to customize your spell checking such as ignore, catch double words, auto correct, suggest split words, and much more. The software's spell checking supports American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. Complete text editing and formatting features are also provided. Therefore, the software can also be used as a text editor.


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