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BurnQuick is by far the simplest to use Data and MP3 Audio CD Burning software available. Don't let its small download size fool you, as it is more powerful than many other CD-ROM Burners out there. BurnQuick's interface-zero design is intended to make your CD burning FAST. No more messing around with software settings or waiting for that bulky software to load. BurnQuick's operation is simple: When installed, BurnQuick becomes part of your Windows menu system. This means that you can burn a CD from your files just about anywhere. Simply select the files and/or folders you wish to burn, right-click on them, and select BurnQuick from the list of available options. Burn your files immediately, or send them to the BurnQuick Queue. You can view the queue at anytime to organize the order of your files or music while you build your custom Audio, Data or Mixed-Mode CD. BurnQuick combines both Data and Audio CD functionality into one simple package. When you are ready to burn your files to CD, a very intuitive interface allows you to decide which type of CD you want to create. All of BurnQuick's options are in plain sight, and you'll never have to fish around again through those complicated menus.


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