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You have forgotten the password to the archive, the ciphered disk, a box of email or any other object? The program selecting passwords to your object protected by the password direct selection or on a simple mask promises to finish selection of passwords in some years? You remember a part of the password or assume from what words (or symbols) it can consist, and what symbols in the password (or in what or its part) should not be? Then the given program, probably, can help you with such situation with restoration of the password and will save thus a lot of time, or even will return hope for an opportunity of restoration of the password. Universal Password Generator it is advanced program allowing to set visually the general structure of the password on the basis of separate blocks (consisting of character sets, words) and their any combinations. The created file with the list of passwords on the basis of this structure can be used as the dictionary for the program selecting the password to your object protected by the password. Each block can set such properties, as: -the minimal and maximal length of the block of symbols; -own character set or the list of words (for example, from the dictionary); -repeatability of identical symbols; -for the list of words with letters it is possible to execute various mutations; Then it is necessary to define relations between these blocks (i.e. specify what block for what can to follow and what is not present). Here too it is possible to achieve reduction of amount of passwords for selection. All set forth above features help to reduce very strongly amount of passwords for selection (even to make not hopeless), that especially it is very important for objects with low speed of selection (for example WinRar, BestCrypt and others). The unregister version of the program generates passwords in length no more than 6 symbols. More full description of features of the program look here:

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