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PDF Password Remover software has multi features, that why user can use this application multipurpose point of views. Tool also have choice to select option such as add PDF password and page restrictions as well as user can select remove PDF password and page restrictions. Application has numerous feature like password protection, encryption level and page restriction. In page restriction level you can apply as well as remove several option like document printing, content copying, modifying content, content copying for accessibility, annotations and assemble documents. Utility support user and owner password using user password only possible to open PDF file and whenever user interact with owner password user hold up several restriction privilege you can apply or remove as well as you can change them frequently. PDF password restriction and remover have opportunity to add prefix and suffix with upcoming resultant output. Features: * PDF Password Remover identify and support both option like add PDF password and page restriction as well as remove PDF password and page restriction. * PDF Password Remover software support user and owner password, using user password only open PDF file and using owner password you can change as well as apply and remove restriction permissions. * Tool support several options that can add or remove on PDF file such as printing, copying, editing, form filling, annotation, assemble etc. * Application support prefix and suffix feature with output file name. * Application support both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system and successfully runs on all Windows operating system such as Vista, XP, 7 etc.

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