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Advanced Run is the most powerful and free launcher that allows you to run any program, run any command line command, open and edit and print documents on behalf of any user account without switching between users. Advantages: - Advanced Run substitutes standard Windows Run feature so it is easy to run it by pressing [Win]+[R] standard key combination. - Pick Advanced Run... context menu item on whatever file you want to run or open. - Pick any user account you need, type it's password and run a command without switching between users. - Select security profile to gain or reduce the privileges of the process you run. - Use command templates to dramatically automate your frequent and routine actions. - Specify implicitly shell verbs to perform additional actions on the file you need to open. - Use command shortcuts to automate your routine work. - Share your settings, security profiles and command shortcuts within your corporate network. - Take advantage of preinstalled security profiles and a whole bunch of useful command shortcuts. - Advanced Run has always been and always will be completely free! Forget about Fast User Switching because it's not fast enough as you need. Use Advanced Run because it is simple, it is flexible, it is powerful and it is completely free! Enjoy!

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