Adobe Acrobat Password Recovery Key

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Adobe Acrobat Password Recovery Key recovers user passwords for Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. The program is easy to use - all you need to do to open your document again is just to drag and drop the file to the program window. Brute-Force, Xieve(tm), Known Plaintext or Dictionary attacks are used to recover the password. Fast brute-force attack - up to 500,000 passwords per second on an average P-II system. With 95% recovery rate for English words Xieve(tm) search speed is up to 750.000.000 passwords per minute. If there is at least one file available unencrypted, Known Plaintext attack decrypts the whole archive for you, regardless of the password length. Dictionary attack supports 'mistypes' and additional user dictionaries. Download and try a free version.


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