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Imagine the situation when it is necessary to enclose two ports so as to test a certain program, but there is no null modem cable at hand; or when 2-3 ports are not enough, and you don't feel like installing an expansion card. Came across such situation? Then ANSD is exactly what you need! You need only to start a setup utility on your PC, and the system is ready to work. Now with the help of a configuration utility with its interface intuitively clear, you can add to the list up to 255 virtual COM-ports, every of which is available like a real port. ANSD allows making work with the devices, which function through a serial port, simple and convenient, even when the devices are connected to a remote computer. You can connect real serial port to virtual one. YOU can much more! : share one equipment functionality between different users; share COM-ports on TCP/IP net; organize remote control of any serial port connected equipment; save money on purchasing high speed computers dealing with equipment. FEATURES: * Based on Microsoft Windows XP DDK, (3d party development products not used); * Registers Windows Device Name: DeviceSerialX; * Registers Dos Device Name: DosDevicesCOMX; * Registers SERIALCOMM Name: COMX; * Baud rate emulation up to 115200; * Hot Plug-n-Play emulation; * Hardware Flow Control Emulation; * Hardware SERIAL EVENTS emulation: RXCHAR, RXFLAG, TXEMPTY, CTS, DSR, RX80FULL; * Null-modem emulation; * Up to 255 serial ports emulation.


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